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What Is The Social Constructive Learning?

  • Social learning theory proposes that knowledge can be acquired by observing and imitating others.
  • It states that learning is a cognitive process that takes place in a social context and can occur purely through observation or direct interaction.

The social constructive learning method focus on:

  • Encourage to share opinions

  • Interact between learners in groups

  • Personalized learning experiences


Persionalized Learning

  • Learn at the individual pace

    Personalized learning involves learners in deciding their learning process. Thus, learners can level up according to their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Personalize content delivery

    Personalize content delivery and interaction helps learners improve, give them control over their own learning space.
  • Group learning based

    You can join different groups of learners for getting targeted knowledge and skills in many type of activities.

Comprehensive Constructive Space

EduNext platform provides both learner and instructor with a variety of educational technologies for the social constructive learning EduNext is the platform which intergated unique contents, live meeting tool and contextual chat technology to help learner easily build and delivery their knowledge and skills
For learners
For learners
  • Approach the social learning method and new education technology.
  • Work in groups and get individual knowledge.
  • Self-assessment method helps develop self-reflective abilities.
For instructors
For instructors
  • Using technology on EduNext to connect and interact with learners based on social constructive learning method
  • Being free to address groups of learners for more targeted knowledge delivering.
  • Assessing learner and customizing their experience accordingly.
For organizations
For organizations
  • Providing training portals to access courses and modules that are often available asbite-sized, on-demand services.
  • Creating a relevant and more engaging learning environment for internal learners.

From the EduNext community

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Hoang Duc Binh

Student at FPT University Hanoi

Edunext is an effective Social Constructivism platform to promote critical thinking and help me get many things from my friends.

quote-symbol quote-symbol
Ms. Tam Trang

Lecturer in Physics at FPT School

From natural situations, associated with the guide-life, learner can comprehend easily their own knowledge of the lesson. With Edunext, teamwork is faster and more convenient; learner is proactive to show their opinions, to be confident in their knowledge.

quote-symbol quote-symbol
Mai Tuan Vu


I am very honored to learn and work in group with the social constructive method. With this experience, I have a more positive view of Math in particular and science subject in general.

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